Catalogue References

The coins and banknotes on this website identify varieties using the reference codes used by the reference catalogues:

S: Spink; Standard Catalogue of British Coins.

BMC: Peck, CW; English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum.

F: Freeman, MJ; The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain.

ESC: Seaby/Rayner, subsequently updated by Bull; The English Silver Coinage.

Gouby: Gouby, M; The British Bronze Penny 1860-1901.

D&H: Dalton & Hamer; The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century.

E: Eimer, C; British Commemorative Medals and their Values.

B: Duggleby, V; English Paper Money.

BE: The Banknote Yearbook.

Pick: Krause; Standard Catalogie of World Paper Money.