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1660 Peace or War 29mm copper medal MI 309/136 F

1660 Peace or War 29mm copper medal MI 309/136 F

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  • Obverse: Charles I, laureate, armoured and draped.

  • Reverse: Sword and olive branch crossed between the letters CR crowned.

  • Unsigned but probably reworked by N Briot.

  • Similar to MI 308/134 except the obverse is not signed and the reverse is dated 1660.

  • Platt type D, pg 208.

  • Extremely rare. An example os this medal is in the British Museum. Perhaps only one other example in private hands.

  • Copper

  • 29mm

  • According to MI, the object of reproducing the medal after a lapse of 17 years and 12 years after the death of the King is not apparent. Platt suggests that the objective may have been to confirm at the restoration that Charles I had been correct in his early confidence in the Crown’s being ultimately victorious.

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