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1702 Coronation silver medal E388 MI227/1 VF

1702 Coronation silver medal E388 MI227/1 VF

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  • Obverse: Bust of Anne, left, crowned, lovelock on the left shoulder in gown fastened with brooch in front.

  • Reverse: A heart enclosed within branches of oak and laurel, which pass through a crown above and rest on an inscribed pedestal.

  • Silver

  • the “Entirely English” issue

  • On March 11th 1702, Queen Anne delivered her first formal speech to Parliament, ‘As I know my own heart to be entirely English, I can very sincerely assure you that there is not anything you can expect or desire from me which I shall not be ready to do for the happiness and prosperity of England.’

  • by J Croker

  • D 35mm

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