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1714 Coronation 132mm bronzed electrotype copy medal by Seelander MI426/15 UNC

1714 Coronation 132mm bronzed electrotype copy medal by Seelander MI426/15 UNC

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  • Bronzed electrotype copy of the obverse only

  • Obverse: Bust of George I, right, laureate, hair long, in armour much decorated, ermine robes and collar of the Garter.

  • Seeländer arrived in London with his massive 16oz. Coronation medal and a letter of introduction but he had to wait many months before it was shown to the King, who kept it for another long while - ‘it pleased him very well’ - before it was returned with his permission to strike copies for sale. Meanwhile Seeländer was virtually bankrupted by the whole experience!

  • D 132mm

  • Obverse: Draped cuirassed bust of the King with long hair right. GEORGIVS . I . REX . Each letter of the legend is formed by an emblem (as detailed below) above which is an explanatory inscription: G. Arm encircled by a serpent and holding a mirror, PRVDENS. E.Pair of scales, IVSTVS. O.Wreath of oak, the Roman reward for saving the life of a citizen, SERVATOR CIVIVM. R.Pelican feeding her young with her own blood, SALVT:PVBL.INVIGILANS. G.Rainbow, CLEMENS I.Column surmounted by a crown, FORTIS. V.Branches of palm and olive, PACIS AMANS. S.Branch of ivy, signifying durability, VIVAT REX OPT. I.Vine entwining a spear, FRVCT APPAREANT. R.St.George and the Dragon, ADVERS REPELLAT. E.Cornucopia, PROSIT OMNIB. X.Sword and sceptre, crossed, TVTOR BONOR.TERROR MALOR

  • Museum quality and much as made

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